Knife Gate Valves FL400

The FL400 knife gate valve regulates the bi-directional flow of conveying material. By the use of two unique and fully lined seat rings, which serve as flange gaskets as well, this knife gate valve guarantees a high suitability even for extremely abrading mediums. A massive steel centre grants particulary high stability to the seat rings. The seat rings are compressed by the fitting between two flanges, the closing gate with its rounded edge pulls them apart again. This avoids the development of dead spots, where the medium might build up. The body is constructed two-piece and especially easy to maintain. The different sizes, pressure stages, materials and drives are shown on the datasheet, which you can download on our website. For special executions please contact our sales department.

Knife gate valve FL400 with GG25-body and pneumatic actuator

Knife gate valve type FL400-CSKDF (Art.-Nr.: 272-1011-xx)
• DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, DN350, DN400, DN450, DN500
• Connection: flanged PN10
• Body: GG25
• Gate: SS304 (1.4301)
• Stem: SS303 (1.4305)
• Fully lined
• Seal: natural rubber
• Working temperature: -20°C to +90°C
• Actuator: pneumatic double acting


Knife Gate Valve


Handwheel rising Stem, Handwheel non-rising Stem, Chainwheel, Electric Actuator, Pneumatic double-acting, Pneumatic single-acting, Quick-closing Lever, Gearbox with Handwheel


DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, DN350, DN400, DN450, DN500, DN600, (Larger on request)

Flange connection

PN10, ANSI 150, PN16

Body material

GG25, 1.4408, 1.4571

Gate plate

1.4301, 1.4408, 1.4571, Hardox

Sealing ring

Viton, Natural Rubber