Plug Valves Mach1

Plug valves offer tighter shutoff than other rotary design valves and emissions containment equal to or better than specially designed severe service valves. They are a best choice for difficult chemical applications and for isolation of pumps, tanks, reactors and other critical equipment.

FLOWSERVE has reinvented the non-lubricated plug valve to provide these new performance enhancing features: Lower, constant turning torques compareable to ball valves and significant lower than other plug valves and higher temperature capability more compareable to gate and triple-offset butterfly valves.


Plug Valve


Chainwheel, Electric Actuator, Pneumatic double-acting, Pneumatic single-acting, Lever, Topflange (ISO 5211), Gearbox with Handwheel, Handle


DN10, DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50, DN80, DN100, DN150, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3", 4", 6", DN5

Flange connection

PN10, ANSI 150, PN16, PN40, ANSI 300, ANSI 600, PN25


ANSI B 16.10

Body material

GGG40, 1.4408, 1.0619, 1.4301, Durcomet 100, Durimet 20, Chlorimet 2, Chlorimet 3, Nickel, Monel, Durcomet 5, 1.4547

Packing gland


Pressure range

PN40, PN25, PN16, PN10, Class 150, Class 300, Class 600




F/F, Socket weld ends, Butt weld ends, Flanges