Flanged Ends VA422

We are able to deliver a wide range of gate valves for many different applications. It doesn’t matter if you need gate valves made from GG25, GGG40 or stainless steel, we have them on stock up to DN300. Our gate valves can be delivered with soft seat (NBR or EPDM) and metal seat. Usually our knife gate valves are handwheel operated, but some of them can be equipped with pneumatic or electric actuators as well as fast closing lever. Please contact our sales team, if you need a special gate valve.

Gate valve VA422, PN40 (Art.-Nr.: 201-0074-xx)
• DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, DN400
• With ISO flange
• OS&Y, bolted bonnet, flexible wedge, full bore
• Flanged ends acc. to EN 1092-1, PN40, Form B1
• Face to face: DIN EN 558-1, basic line 26
• Body/Bonnet/Wedge: 1.4408
• Stem: 1.4401
• Gasket: graphite/metal
• Operation: handwheel

PN63 and PN100 also available!


Gate Valve


Handwheel rising Stem


DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300

Flange connection

PN40, PN64, PN100


DIN EN 558 Line 26

Body material


Pressure range

PN63, PN40, PN100