Gestra BK steam trap

BK15, BK27N, BK28, BK29, BK37, BK45, BK46, B212

Gestra BK steam trap

Features of the BK series:

  • Regulator for roughest operating conditions (unaffected by waterhammer and frost)
  • Suitable for superheated steam applications
  • Automatic air-venting (steam trap can be used for thermal air-venting in steam systems)
  • Installation in any position (horizontal and vertical lines)
  • Stage nozzle acts as non-return valve
  • Stainless steel internals
  • Repairable in-line
  • Base bushing ensures positive metal-to-metal sealing between body and regulator
  • Up to Δp 275 bar g
  • Optional extra: Integrated steam trap monitoring for BK 45 (temperature or steam loss)

For open-loop controlled heating processes. Draining of:

  • saturated steam lines
  • superheated steam lines
  • steam tracers

Steam trap for thermostatic air-venting with bimetallic regulator. The thermostatic steam traps with corrosion-resistant Duo S.S. (bimetallic) regulator of the BK series can also be used for air-venting. Thermostatic steam trap for automatic air-venting and discharge of non-condensable gases and steam/air mixtures from steam lines and heat exchangers. Special adjustment might be required.


Steam Trap


DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, DN50, 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2"

Flange connection

ANSI 150, PN40, ANSI 300, ANSI 600, ANSI 900, ANSI 1500, PN100, PN63, PN160

Body material

1.0460, 1.5415, 1.7335, 1.7383, 1.4901

Pressure range

PN63, PN40, PN100, Class 300, Class 600, Class 900, PN630


F/F, Socket weld ends, Butt weld ends, Flanges

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