Lug Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve made of GGG40 and stainless steel. Actuator or manual operation.

Lug type butterfly valves are important in fluid technology and widely used in industry, particularly in the water, wastewater, chemical, oil, and gas industries. They are used to control the flow of liquids or gases through pipelines.

Lug Flanged butterfly valves

The Lug butterfly valve with threaded eyes is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, available from DN25 to DN600. Its body is made of robust GGG40 with an epoxy coating of 120µm or optionally of stainless steel. The seat ring can be selected from EPDM, NBR, Viton FPM/FKM or PTFE to adapt the connection options to PN10, PN16 or 150lbs. These butterfly valves are approved for use in DVGW gas and drinking water applications and offer flexible actuation options such as lever, gearbox, pneumatic and electric actuators. Equipped with an ISO 5211 head flange, they also offer a wide range of accessories and options such as limit switch boxes, solenoid valves, positioners and spindle extensions to ensure maximum functionality and safety.

Lug-type butterfly valve type AK201
Lug-type butterfly valve at a budget price
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Lug-type butterfly valve type AK211
Lug butterfly valve with multiple customisation options
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Lug-type butterfly valve gas type AK211G
DVGW-Gas certified lug-type butterfly valve
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Butterfly Valve Potable Water type AK211W
DVGW certified lug-type butterfly valve for drinking water
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PTFE Absperrklappe
PTFE butterfly valve type AK131
Lug-type PTFE-coated butterfly valve
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Double-eccentric butterfly valve type AX131
Lug-type double-offset butterfly valve for high performance
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Edelstahl Absperrklappe
AStainless Steel Butterfly Valve Lug typ AK203
Lug butterfly valves made of stainless steel
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PFA lined butterfly valve (LUG)
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